Beast Movie Hindi Dubbed Release Date Confirmed | Thalapathy Vijay Movie Raw Hindi Dubbed

So friends, recently the Hindi dubbed version of Thalapathy Vijay’s new film Beast has been announced, yes the same Beast film that you were all eagerly waiting for to come in Hindi dubbed.

I am very happy to hear this news because I was also waiting for this beast movie to come in Hindi and now it has been announced and also it has been told that when will it be released on which day so if you can watch this If you want to know, then definitely read this post completely.


Beast Movie Hindi Dubbed Release Date Confirmed

So friends, the release date of Thalapathy Vijay’s Upcoming Film i.e. Hindi dubbed version of Beast has been confirmed and this Beast movie is releasing in Hindi on 13th April 2022 i.e. in the next month on 13th April.

The announcement of this film was made by Sun Pictures itself just a few hours ago. Where he said that we are going to see this film on 13th April 2022. Not only this, but he also told that Beast Movie will be released in Hindi dubbed as well as Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages on 13th April.

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This is the official announcement made by Sun Pictures recently. And from their announcement, we have also come to know that the title of this Beast movie will also be changed, it will be named Raw in Hindi dubbed version. Now in the Hindi version, why it was named Raw and why it was not named Beast, you should read this post till the last.


Beast movie renamed in Hindi dubbed as RAW

The Beast movie was titled as Raw in Hindi Dubbed, when the Hindi version of the film was announced as well as a poster was also released. And in that poster you will be able to clearly see that the Hindi dubbed version of the Beast movie that has been named is Raw. And in that poster, Vijay is also wearing a suit. in which he looks like an agent.

Which means it is clear that the thing which was not revealed yet, now that thing has been revealed that Vijay is going to be seen in the role of a Raw Agent in the Beast film. He told us this thing through a poster. Although the title of this movie Raw is very good to see, it is also very good to hear, it is also catchy but the first name of this movie Beast is also very strong.

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It is also very attractive but still do not know because its name has been changed to Raw in Hindi, but it may be possible that some other Hindi film has already got its registration under the name Beast. So maybe this must have been the reason for changing its name. But why this was done, only the makers and distributors of this film would know that the film has become quite famous under the name Beast.

But well whatever the title is, we have nothing to do with it, we only mean watching Super Star Vijay’s upcoming film Beast ie Raw, which is releasing on 13 April 2022, yes friends, that is, KGF Chapter 2 One right one. day before. So let’s see how this film would have been, Sun Pictures will have to work very hard to promote this film.

Because on April 14, there will be a competition between KGF Chapter 2 Vs Beast Movie, on that day these two films will be face to face with each other. So Sun Pictures should release its teaser as soon as possible so that Hindi audience can also know about this film. Otherwise you all know that the craze of KGF Chapter 2 Hindi Dubbed version is of a different level in the minds of people.

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So if this film is not promoted well, then it will be buried somewhere inside the Hindi screens at that time, so friends, I hope that now you have come to know about Beast Movie Hindi Dubbed Release Date, then if you have this If you like the post, then share it as much as possible so that other people can also know about Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar i.e. thalapathy vijay’s Upcoming Movie Beast.

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